Model 1100 - Automatic Purification System
The features include:

•Simple to Use Controls
•Plug In Operation
•Lifetime Warranty
•Variable Power Output for Spas and Pools
•Solid State Electronic Circuitry Multiple Fuse Protection
•Light Emitting Diodes Display Power Output Range, Anode Condition and Polarity
•Extended Cleaning Cycle for Purification Cell
•Watertight Weatherproof UL Approved Enclosure.
•N.A.S.A. has granted approval for commercial manufacturing of their patented ionizer to Carefree Clearwater, Ltd. Additional U.S. patents pending.
•United States Environmental Protection Agency Est. #59047-GA-001
Model 1200 - State-of-the-Art Commercial Rated Electrolytic Ionizer
The well-proven features are:

•Rugged and Durable Design Protects Electronics from Moisture, Corrosion and Harsh Environments. NEMA 4X and UL 508-4X Rated Waterproof Equipment Enclosure. Gasket Sealed Clear Acrylic View Cover. Tamper Proof.
•Heat and Vibration Protected Solid State Electronics.
•Precise Metering and Stable Ion Output. Unit Automatically Maintains Preset Level.
•Simple Operating Controls. Electronic Self-Checking Inspection Circuitry for Anode.
•LED Displays for Power, Polarity, and Anode Status.
•Self-Cleaning Anode Feature. Polarity Reversing Sequential Cleaning Circuit.
•Circuit Design Maintains Accurate Metering Of Mineral Ion Flow Throughout Anode Life.
•The Most Advanced Specialized Alloy Anode for Superior Water Quality and Purity. NSF Listed Ion Chamber Components.
•Meets or Exceeds UL and NSF Standards.
•Ion Test Kit and Complete Operator Manual Included.
•Lifetime Equipment Warranty.
The Carefree Clearwater Purifier pays for itself quickly by eliminating the need to spend thousands on chemical sanitizers, algicides and clarifiers etc. Operating costs for the ion generator's electrical consumption averages less than 25 cents per month. Periodic oxidizing and maintaining normal water balance are all that’s needed.

*Financing Available
Our Products have a Lifetime Warranty ...
Rugged and durable design protects electronics from moisture, corrosion and harsh environments. Reliable solid state circuitry. No moving parts.
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•ION Test Kit
•Complete Test Kit Includes pH, TA, Ca & Ions
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