As more pool and spa operators look for non chemical alternatives, mineral ions are gaining popularity. Mineral ions are natural agents produced by copper and silver ions and these ions are used to kill microorganisms in the pool. Copper is the most commonly used mineral for ionization.

The use of a mineral ion solution can reduce the need for caustic chemicals such as chlorine, thereby reducing the side effects caused by the presence of such chemicals.
Unlike other chemical sanitizers, mineral ions are unaffected by heat and sunlight, providing constantly safe water.

It actually saves you money. It operates on less than a penny a day electricity. And the savings continue as long as you own your pool. When you consider your high level chemical costs (chlorine, bromine or polymeric biguanide, stabilizers, algicides and clarifiers) and your indirect costs (premature aging of the pool equipment and pool surfaces – a new liner or replastering; bleached swim wear and destruction of plants, your skin, eyes and hair etc.), it pays for itself quickly...
The use of metal ions results in less skin and eye irritation and less damage to pool and spa equipment. Ions are a natural process, harmless to bathers and the environment, which makes it a particularly attractive alternative to ecologically "Green" conscious pool operators.

No more daily testing, dosing and handling chemicals. Automatically keeps your water bacteria and algae free.
...and from there on it saves you thousands.

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